Lorne Anderson (Pastor)

Lorne Anderson is a Pastor at KBF and has been working at the church since 2018. Lorne came to Japan in 2016 to undertake a Masters in Peace Studies from the International Christian University in Tokyo, which he completed before commencing work at KBF. Having travelled to more than 35 countries, Lorne has seen the beautiful ways Christianity is expressed around the world and, therefore, has a keen appreciation for the richness of diversity in the Kingdom of God. His goal is to serve and lead a diverse and inclusive church that earnestly engages with scripture, becomes transformed by the Holy Spirit, and is empowered to boldly serve the communities. Lorne is passionate about equipping individuals to discover and develop their God-given giftings and he works to create opportunities for believers to become leaders in their church, family and surrounding community. When not working he enjoys all kinds of sports, strong coffees, and is still celebrating that the Toronto Raptors won the NBA championship in 2019. He is in Japan with his wife and daughter and considers being a husband and father the greatest gift in his life. He looks forward to connecting with you soon.  He can be contacted on landerson@kbf.or.jp

Lee Taylor (Pastor)

Lee Taylor is serving as the KBF Pastor of Family Ministries. He has lived in Tokyo for about ten years with his wife and two children (11 and 8 years old). He has a Graduate Diploma in Theology from the University of Divinity in Australia which includes units on the nurture and spiritual guidance of children. He can be contacted on ltaylor@kbf.or.jp

Esther Motts (Pastor)